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  1. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Host Jeff Probst Salutes the Fall of a Legend

    6:00 am 4/20/2017

    "I was really impressed," the executive producer and showrunner tells THR about losing an iconic figure from the show.Read more

  2. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Has Zeke Aftermath and 2 Tribals in 'There's a New Sheriff In Town'

    8:10 pm 4/19/2017

    So who is this New Sheriff in Town, and how long will they be in power for after a merge sends the castaways scrambling?Read more

  3. 'Survivor' Castoff Lost His Job for Outing Transgender Contestant

    3:06 pm 4/15/2017

    "It's one thing to lie about someone sneaking off at night to search for hidden advantages. It is quite another to incense bigotry toward a marginalized minority," said contestant Zeke Smith of the moment.Read more

  4. 'Survivor': CBS Stands by Decision to Broadcast Transgender Outing

    1:47 pm 4/13/2017

    Two-time contestant Zeke Smith was outed as transgender during Wednesday's episode.Read more

  5. 'Survivor' Contestant Apologizes for Outing Zeke Smith as Transgender

    10:06 am 4/13/2017

    "I own my responsibility in what was the worst decision of my life," Jeff Varner wrote on Twitter.Read more

  6. 'Survivor' Contestant Opens Up About Being Outed as Transgender (Guest Column)

    9:00 pm 4/12/2017

    "I'm not wild about you knowing that I'm trans," two-time show player Zeke Smith writes for THR about this week's episode.Read more

  7. Missed Opportunity for 'Survivor: Game Changers' as Transgender Castaway Is Outed at Tribal Council

    7:19 pm 4/12/2017

    One of the most emotional tribal councils in 'Survivor' history included emotional discussion, but Jeff Probst and company had to do better.Read more

  8. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Host Jeff Probst on Episode 6's Historic Vote-Off

    6:00 am 4/6/2017

    In THR's ongoing series, the host breaks down this week's shocking exit.Read more

  9. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Brings an Exile Island Twist to "Vote Early, Vote Often"

    7:00 pm 4/5/2017

    Another shuffle sends 'Survivor' castaways scurrying and several more advantages are added to the game.Read more

  10. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Host Jeff Probst Discusses Episode 5's Bittersweet Outcome

    6:00 am 3/30/2017

    Every week, THR will check in with Probst for his final thoughts on the latest eliminated 'Survivor' contestant.Read more

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