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  1. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Host Jeff Probst Weighs In on Double Elimination

    6:00 am 5/18/2017

    "In group situations, you do have to find the vibe of the room and go with it — otherwise those doors start shutting," the 'Survivor' host tells THR in our weekly post-mortem.Read more

  2. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Reminds Us to Read the Fine Print in 'Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow'

    7:08 pm 5/17/2017

    The Fien Print always reads the fine print, but the same cannot be said for 'Survivor' castaways after 30-plus days.Read more

  3. 'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst on How Latest Blindside Victim's Game Fell Apart

    9:00 pm 5/10/2017

    "You have to constantly remind your alliance of your loyalty to them," Probst tells THR about why the latest person was voted out.Read more

  4. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Adds Family Emotions In 'It Is Not a High Without a Low'

    7:00 pm 5/10/2017

    As usual, the visit from loved ones brings tears, hugs and big choices as the end is in sight for the castaways.Read more

  5. 'Survivor's' Zeke Smith on Trans Movie '3 Generations' and the "Path to Acceptance" (Guest Column)

    6:00 am 5/8/2017

    The new drama stars Elle Fanning as a transgender boy who can't transition on his own timelime.Read more

  6. Zeke Smith Speaks Out About His 'Survivor' Experience (and That Very Public Outing)

    6:00 am 5/4/2017

    The two-time castaway talks about the aftermath of his outing, the nitty-gritty details of his time on the show and much more in a sprawling interview with THR.Read more

  7. 'Survivor's' Zeke Smith: Why Being Vulnerable Was Worth the Risk (Guest Column)

    9:00 pm 5/3/2017

    "I am optimistic that this moment will serve as a model for how trans people will be treated by the media in the future," writes Smith in a new column for THR.Read more

  8. 'Survivor: Game Changers' Runs The Numbers In 'Reinventing How This Game Is Played'

    7:00 pm 5/3/2017

    After Sarah's momentum-shifting vote last week, can a new alliance of six stand together, or are things going to splinter again on 'Survivor: Game Changers'?Read more

  9. 'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst on Why Latest Castaway Was "Too Big of a Threat"

    6:00 pm 5/3/2017

    The executive producer and host tells THR that the latest eliminated castaway is "everything we look for in a 'Survivor' player."Read more

  10. Former ABC Executive Duncan Gray, Cineflix Launch TV Joint Venture

    2:00 am 5/3/2017

    Gray, a former 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' exec producer, is pacting with Cineflix to run Twenty Six 03 Entertainment. Read more

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