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Survivor: Philippines

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  1. 'Survivor: Philippines' Sneak Peek: Castaways Salivate at Food Auction (Video)

    9:00 am 11/28/2012

    One player puts all her money down on the first item up for grabs.Read more

  2. 'Survivor: Philippines': Pete Talks His Alliance With Abi, Reveals Why Tandang Almost Threw a Challenge

    5:43 pm 11/26/2012

    The engineering graduate scrambled at the last minute but couldn't save himself, becoming the fourth member of the jury.Read more

  3. 'Survivor: Philippines': Artis Silvester on His Dislike of Skupin and Why He Wouldn't Take Abi to the Finals

    1:24 am 11/15/2012

    The computer engineer became the third member of the jury in Wednesday night's episode.Read more

  4. 'Survivor: Philippines' Competitor Jeff Kent on His Elimination: 'I'm Bitter, and I'm Ticked Off'

    7:04 pm 11/8/2012

    The retired MLB player talks to THR about the madness of tribal council, the big idol reveals, his perceived "obsession" with Jonathan Penner and staying mostly anonymous throughout the game.Read more

  5. 'Survivor: Philippines': RC on Her Feud With Abi, Skupin's Vote Against Her, and What Pete Said After the Show

    9:00 am 11/6/2012

    The first member of the jury also reveals why being on the show was "bittersweet" due to something that happened in her real life while she was on the island.Read more

  6. 'Survivor: Philippines': Katie Hanson on Jeff Probst's Challenge Critiques and the Tribes' Unprecedented Bargain

    8:00 am 10/26/2012

    "I feel like he was trying to warp their minds that I sucked," the castaway tells THR of host Probst, while admitting she was "terrible" in the challenges.Read more

  7. 'Survivor: Philippines': Sarah Dawson on Kissing Jeff Probst and Her Private Conversation With Jeff Kent

    7:00 am 10/19/2012

    The 28-year-old insurance sales rep had one of the most memorable exits in the reality series' history.Read more

  8. 'Survivor: Philippines': Dana Lambert on Her 'Seriously Heartbreaking' Decision to Leave Game

    4:33 pm 10/18/2012

    The contestant talks to THR about her tough decision, whether she'd play again and her failure to recognize former baseball pro Jeff Kent.Read more

  9. 'Survivor: Philippines' Preview: Ailing Castaway Faces Game-Changing Decision (Video)

    11:00 am 10/17/2012

    Jeff Probst and medical personnel are forced to visit one tribe's camp in Wednesday night's episode when one contestant becomes seriously ill.Read more

  10. 'Survivor: Philippines' Contestant Russell Swan: 'I Have Very Little Positive to Say' About Experience

    5:43 pm 10/11/2012

    The returning competitor, voted out on Wednesday's episode, was put on a tribe that has lost four challenges in a row on the CBS reality competition.Read more

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