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Zimmerman Trial

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  1. Jay Z Slams Zimmerman Verdict: 'Didn't Trayvon Have the Right to Stand his Ground?'

    10:20 am 7/25/2013

    "You can have a fight with someone, and if they're running away, you can shoot them and kill them and you're fine? Come on," the hip-hop superstar says.Read more

  2. George Zimmerman Verdict: Where Cable News Saw Its Biggest Gains

    5:00 am 7/17/2013

    A late-night verdict, exclusives with key players and wall-to-wall coverage (for some) bring in viewership highs and numbers far north of May's Jodi Arias trial.Read more

  3. Bruce Springsteen Dedicates 'American Skin (41 Shots)' to Trayvon Martin

    8:59 pm 7/16/2013

    The singer performed the song "for justice" at a tour stop in Limerick, Ireland.Read more

  4. TV Ratings: Zimmerman Juror and Witness Interviews Prompt CNN Surge

    3:20 pm 7/16/2013

    CNN bests Fox News in the 25-54 demographic; Piers Morgan scores highest demo number ever with town hall that included a candid interview with witness Rachel Jeantel.Read more

  5. George Zimmerman Verdict: 'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report' Mock Decision (Video)

    6:48 am 7/16/2013

    John Oliver lashed out at Florida's Stand Your Ground law while Stephen Colbert proclaimed the trial's outcome a "victory for the rule of law, in that Florida apparently no longer has rules or laws." Read more

  6. Zimmerman Verdict: Los Angeles TV News Crew Attacked Amid Protests (Report)

    11:17 pm 7/15/2013

    During an 11 p.m. news conference, Mayor Eric Garcetti says 13 people have been arrested.Read more

  7. Zimmerman Juror Backs Out of Book Project

    11:10 pm 7/15/2013

    A day of withering criticism that ended with an appearance on Anderson Cooper's show led the anonymous juror to put the brakes on a proposed book about why "not guilty" was the only option.Read more

  8. Stevie Wonder Boycotting Florida Following Zimmerman Verdict (Video)

    10:24 pm 7/15/2013

    The singer refuses to perform in the state until its Stand Your Ground law is "abolished." Read more

  9. Zimmerman Verdict: Witness Rachel Jeantel Says Confrontation Was 'Racial'

    9:47 pm 7/15/2013

    "If Trayvon was white and he had a hoodie on, what would happen?" she asks CNN's Piers Morgan of the altercation that left Florida teen Trayvon Martin dead.Read more

  10. Zimmerman Juror: His 'Heart Was in the Right Place'

    7:31 pm 7/15/2013

    The unidentified woman tells CNN's Anderson Cooper she believes the defendant feared for his life but is "guilty of not using good judgment."Read more

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