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Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. Toronto: Rachel Weisz's 'Denial' is "Not Based on a True Story, it is a True Story" - TIFF 2016

    10:05 pm 9/11/2016

    "['Denial'] is about the fight for truth and justice," said Rachel Weisz at the Toronto International Film Festival.Read more

  2. 'Denial': Film Review | TIFF 2016

    10:04 pm 9/11/2016

    Rachel Weisz defends the Holocaust in a British court in the political drama co-starring Timothy Spall and Tom Wilkinson.Read more

  3. '(Re)Assignment': Film Review | TIFF 2016

    9:46 pm 9/11/2016

    Sigourney Weaver stars as a twisted surgeon and Michelle Rodriguez as the man she turns into a woman in Walter Hill's '(Re)Assignment.'Read more

  4. 'Afterimage' ('Powidoki'): Film Review | TIFF 2016

    9:25 pm 9/11/2016

    Polish maestro Andrzej Wajda pays tribute to an avant-garde artist who fell foul of stifling Stalinist rules in this Toronto world premiere.Read more

  5. Toronto: Japanese Director Miwa Nishikawa on Female Helmers and Why She Prefers to Write Male Leading Characters (Q&A)

    7:17 pm 9/11/2016

    Nishikawa brings her fourth feature, in a 13-year directing career, 'The Long Excuse', to debut at Toronto.Read more

  6. Toronto: Felicity Jones and Director J.A. Bayona on "Truth" in 'A Monster Calls' - TIFF 2016

    6:34 pm 9/11/2016

    "At the end [of the film], there's this idea of the truth, and to be brave enough to tell the truth," said 'A Monster Calls' director J.A. Bayona at the Toronto International Film Festival. Read more

  7. Toronto: Felicity Jones - 'Monster Calls' Characters Won't "Admit What's Happening" - TIFF 2016

    6:27 pm 9/11/2016

    "Her illness is not at the forefront of her mind. Her focus is on trying to live and be there for her son," said Felicity Jones at the Toronto International Film Festival of her character in 'A Monster Calls.'Read more

  8. Toronto: Felicity Jones's 'A Monster Calls' "is a Film About Perception" - TIFF 2016

    6:22 pm 9/11/2016

    "Every single viewer should have his own perception of the film," said director of 'A Monster Calls' J.A. Bayona at the Toronto International Film Festival.Read more

  9. 'Sing': Film Review | TIFF 2016

    6:21 pm 9/11/2016

    Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane and Scarlett Johansson are among the many stars lending their vocal cords to 'Sing,' an animated musical from the people who brought us 'Despicable Me' and 'The Secret Life of Pets.'Read more

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