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Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. 'Deepwater Horizon': Film Review | TIFF 2016

    9:07 pm 9/13/2016

    Peter Berg's 'Deepwater Horizon,' starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, is about the massive explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.Read more

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  2. Toronto: 'Deepwater Horizon' Could Stake a Claim in Oscar's Tech Categories

    8:12 pm 9/13/2016

    Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg reunite for this action-packed film three years after 'Lone Survivor.'Read more

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  3. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Discovered She Has Really Feminine Hands in '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:33 pm 9/13/2016

    "I had to wear this hairy, itchy contraption - and I couldn't scratch while I'm shooting."Read more

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  4. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Says "I've Never Felt More Feminine in My Life" During '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:30 pm 9/13/2016

    "I thought I was a tomboy just cause I like shooting guns and I like violent things, and I have a tendency to be very alpha, but I realized I really am a woman, and I just really enjoy it."Read more

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  5. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez's Shares on Her Male Genitalia Costume in '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:26 pm 9/13/2016

    "When in your life as an actress do you get the opportunity to play a man in a movie that gets a sex change? I wasn't about to pass that up."Read more

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  6. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Says '(re)Assignment' Sex Scene Was the Most Nerve Wracking - TIFF 2016

    5:24 pm 9/13/2016

    "We [she and director Walter Hill] have different ideas of sensuality."Read more

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  7. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Not "Trying to Get Psychological or Deep" in '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:20 pm 9/13/2016

    "The transgender situation, you could talk about that if you were talking about a film that was focusing on the psychology or the social aspects of the situation," said actress Michelle Rodriquez of her film '(re)Assignment.'Read more

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  8. Toronto: Bryan Cranston and More Stars Share Their Worst Costumes - TIFF 2016

    5:04 pm 9/13/2016

    Cranston wore a skunk outfit for a commercial and also 70,000 bees. Jennifer Garner had to wear chain mail, Michelle Rodriguez had to wear intimate items for playing a male and then female in '(re)Assignment.'Read more

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  9. Toronto: THR's Chief Film Critic Todd McCarthy Chooses "La La Land," "Arrival," "Moonlight" - TIFF 2016

    4:59 pm 9/13/2016

    Toronto stars share what motivates them, including "the responsibility of getting it right," "curiosity," and "the love of story," at the Toronto International Film Festival.Read more

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  10. Toronto: Kurt Russell Was "Shocked" to Learn More Details of Gulf Oil Spill on in 'Deepwater Horizon' - TIFF 2016

    4:49 pm 9/13/2016

    "I was really shocked to find out 11 people died, perished," in the Gulf oil spill said Kurt Russell."Read more

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