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Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. Vince Vaughn Used to Box When He Was Younger | 'Brawl in Cell Block 99' | TIFF 2017

    10:45 am 9/13/2017

    "You had to really be dialed in," he said of picking boxing back up to get in shape for the film.Read more

  2. Andrew Garfield Calls 'Breathe' Character "An Amazing Example of a Strong Man" | TIFF 2017

    10:42 am 9/13/2017

    Garfield said, "he allows himself to be taken care of, he allows himself to be vulnerable."Read more

  3. Mary J. Blige Worked Her Grandmother's Southern Farm as a Kid: "We Picked Peas and Beans for Money; I Knew How That Felt" | TIFF 2017

    10:28 am 9/13/2017

    Blige, who plays a southern woman in Dee Rees's film 'Mudbound,' shares her past experiences in the south.Read more

  4. Jason Mitchell Says 'Mudbound' Cast Agreed to "Go Hard" to "Make a Great Piece of Art" | TIFF 2017

    10:22 am 9/13/2017

    Mitchell credits director Dee Rees with creating a safe, creative environment for the actors to work freely in.Read more

  5. Carey Mulligan Says 'Mudbound' "Sadly Doesn't Feel Distant from This, This is On Going" | TIFF 2017

    10:09 am 9/13/2017

    "I've done loads of period films," the Oscar-nominated actress told THR. "People aren't talking about this film in that context."Read more

  6. Jason Mitchell Talks White Supremacy Rallies: "It Hasn't Changed, None of This is New" | TIFF 2017

    10:05 am 9/13/2017

    "I would argue for a lot of people the world has not changed, it's just that everyone else has woken up to it," 'Mudbound' director Dee Rees told THR.Read more

  7. Toronto: Elisabeth Moss Says 'Handmaid's Tale' Author Margaret Atwood Is "Enriching the World"

    10:05 am 9/13/2017

    "If 'The Handmaid's Tale' really happens down in your country, you're welcome to flee here," Atwood joked while at the Toronto Film Festival. Read more

  8. 'Euphoria': Film Review | TIFF 2017

    6:08 am 9/13/2017

    Alicia Vikander and Eva Green co-star as sisters dealing with death in Swedish director Lisa Langseth’s new feature 'Euphoria,' which premiered in Toronto’s Platform competition. Read more

  9. Toronto: 'Breathe' Could Return Andrew Garfield to Oscars for Second Consecutive Year

    10:24 pm 9/12/2017

    The 'Hacksaw Ridge' nominee plays Robin Cavendish, a man stricken in his prime with polio, opposite 'The Crown' star Claire Foy in Andy Serkis' directorial debut.Read more

  10. Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, Jason Mitchell, Garrett Hedlund Talk Contemporary Relevance of Racial Divide in 'Mudbound' | TIFF 2017

    4:03 pm 9/12/2017

    "I've done a lot of period films, but people aren't talking about this film in that context, because it sadly doesn't feel distant for us. This is ongoing," actress Carrie Mulligan told THR.Read more

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