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Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. Cynthia Nixon's Emily Dickinson Biopic 'A Quiet Passion' Acquired by Music Box for U.S.

    8:08 am 9/14/2016

    Terence Davies' film had its North American premiere in Toronto after a Berlin bow. Read more

  2. 'Deepwater Horizon': Film Review | TIFF 2016

    9:07 pm 9/13/2016

    Peter Berg's 'Deepwater Horizon,' starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson, is about the massive explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.Read more

  3. Toronto: 'Deepwater Horizon' Could Stake a Claim in Oscar's Tech Categories

    8:12 pm 9/13/2016

    Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg reunite for this action-packed film three years after 'Lone Survivor.'Read more

  4. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Discovered She Has Really Feminine Hands in '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:33 pm 9/13/2016

    "I had to wear this hairy, itchy contraption - and I couldn't scratch while I'm shooting."Read more

  5. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Says "I've Never Felt More Feminine in My Life" During '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:30 pm 9/13/2016

    "I thought I was a tomboy just cause I like shooting guns and I like violent things, and I have a tendency to be very alpha, but I realized I really am a woman, and I just really enjoy it."Read more

  6. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez's Shares on Her Male Genitalia Costume in '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:26 pm 9/13/2016

    "When in your life as an actress do you get the opportunity to play a man in a movie that gets a sex change? I wasn't about to pass that up."Read more

  7. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Says '(re)Assignment' Sex Scene Was the Most Nerve Wracking - TIFF 2016

    5:24 pm 9/13/2016

    "We [she and director Walter Hill] have different ideas of sensuality."Read more

  8. Toronto: Michelle Rodriguez Not "Trying to Get Psychological or Deep" in '(re)Assignment' - TIFF 2016

    5:20 pm 9/13/2016

    "The transgender situation, you could talk about that if you were talking about a film that was focusing on the psychology or the social aspects of the situation," said actress Michelle Rodriquez of her film '(re)Assignment.'Read more

  9. Toronto: Bryan Cranston and More Stars Share Their Worst Costumes - TIFF 2016

    5:04 pm 9/13/2016

    Cranston wore a skunk outfit for a commercial and also 70,000 bees. Jennifer Garner had to wear chain mail, Michelle Rodriguez had to wear intimate items for playing a male and then female in '(re)Assignment.'Read more

  10. Toronto: THR's Chief Film Critic Todd McCarthy Chooses "La La Land," "Arrival," "Moonlight" - TIFF 2016

    4:59 pm 9/13/2016

    Toronto stars share what motivates them, including "the responsibility of getting it right," "curiosity," and "the love of story," at the Toronto International Film Festival.Read more

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