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Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. Jay Baruchel and Director Jonathan Sobol Talk the Perks of Shooting at Home

    9:52 am 9/14/2013

    Jay and Jonathan stop by our THR lounge to discuss their comedy 'The Art of the Steal' also starring Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon. Read more

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  2. Beneath the Harvest Sky: Toronto Review

    9:42 am 9/14/2013

    The fiction feature debut of Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly stars up-and-comers Emory Cohen and Callan McAuliffe as well as Aidan Gillen.Read more

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  3. Felony: Toronto Review

    5:49 pm 9/13/2013

    Tom Wilkinson, Joel Edgerton and Jai Courtney play Sydney detectives on conflicting sides of a moral dilemma in this taut thriller, which also marks Edgerton's first solo screenplay credit.Read more

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  4. Pierce Brosnan On Finally Working With Emma Thompson In Joel Hopkins' Romantic Romp

    5:17 pm 9/13/2013

    "Emma and I would run into each other at various awards ceremonies and we would say we have to work together, must work together, should work together and along came Mr. Hopkins and put us together," says Pierce. Read more

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  5. Barry Avrich on Bob Guccione Who Lived "Like a Roman Emperor"

    4:58 pm 9/13/2013

    The 'Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story' director on why he was attracted to making the documentary. Read more

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  6. Therese: Toronto Review

    3:59 pm 9/13/2013

    Zola's novel of illicit sex and murder gets an unlikely cast and glum adaptation.Read more

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  7. Cold Eyes (Gamshijadeul): Toronto Review

    3:31 pm 9/13/2013

    Surveillance cameras over Seoul fill the screen with hypertech in an edge-of-seat remake of "Eye in the Sky."Read more

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  8. Toronto: Roadside Picks Up Fred Schepisi's 'Words and Pictures' for U.S.

    2:59 pm 9/13/2013

    Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche star in the film, which had its world premiere at the fest.Read more

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  9. Concrete Night (Betoniyo): Toronto Review

    2:40 pm 9/13/2013

    Finnish vet Pirjo Honkasalo observes a teen's last weekend with a brother about to go to prison.Read more

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  10. Toronto: Here's What You Missed at the Festival's Most Buzz-Worthy Talk

    2:27 pm 9/13/2013

    WME's Liesl Copland is developing a reputation for giving TED-worthy presentations; here's her take on the adapt-or-perish approach the industry must adopt in gathering audience data.Read more

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