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Toronto International Film Festival

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  1. 'A Heavy Heart' ('Herbert'): TIFF Review

    11:27 am 9/16/2015

    An ailing former boxing champ tries to make amends for a lifetime of regrets in former student Oscar winner Thomas Stuber's emotionally raw debut feature.Read more

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  2. TIFF: THR Critics Rank 15 Films From Best to Worst

    9:00 am 9/16/2015

    As the fest hits its midpoint, THR's critics weigh in, from the most memorable dramas ('Truth,' 'The Martian') to biopics they'd like to forget ('The Program,' 'I Saw the Light').Read more

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  3. 'Sky': TIFF Review

    8:16 am 9/16/2015

    Diane Kruger, Lena Dunham and Norman Reedus star in Fabienne Berthaud's drama about a French woman who strikes out on her own in the American West.Read more

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  4. TIFF: Hollywood Grapples With China's Growing Clout at Box Office

    7:18 am 9/16/2015

    "I look at China ... as a market that's essentially leapfrogging the West in the way people consume films," Lava Bear founder David Linde told a Toronto panel. Read more

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  5. Leslie Moonves and CBS Staff Heard Dismissing Robert Redford's Dan Rather Movie as "Half-Truth"

    7:15 am 9/16/2015

    Before its acclaimed premiere at TIFF, 'Truth' — about the scandal that ended the anchor's CBS News career — was screened for a special viewer: CBS president and CEO Moonves, who was not impressed.Read more

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  6. 'Full Contact': TIFF Review

    4:08 am 9/16/2015

    'Beau Travail' actor Gregoire Colin plays a drone pilot in the Nevada desert in this psychological drama from Dutch auteur David Verbeek. Read more

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  7. ‘The Promised Land’ (‘Hui Dao Bei Ai De Mei Yi Tian’): TIFF Review

    3:57 am 9/16/2015

    Director He Ping (‘Warriors of Heaven and Earth’) offers up a contemporary two-hander set between Beijing and the countryside.Read more

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  8. ‘Septembers of Shiraz’: TIFF Review

    12:57 am 9/16/2015

    Adrien Brody and Salma Hayek-Pinault star as Iranian Jews endangered by the new regime after the fall of the ShahRead more

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  9. TIFF: '60 Minutes' Takes Another Big Screen Beating in 'Truth' — But Is It Justified?

    12:24 am 9/16/2015

    THR's awards analyst mulls over the new Oscar hopeful about 'Rather-gate,' which stars Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford, and wonders what to make of a film that argues its protagonists were unfairly targeted.Read more

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  10. 'Baskin': TIFF Review

    9:23 pm 9/15/2015

    Turkish horror director Can Evrenol signed with WME on the eve of the Toronto Film Festival, where this gore-soaked debut was picked up by IFC Midnight.Read more

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