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  1. Kismet Chefs: "You Just Have to Decide You're Going to Do Something, Then Make it Happen" | THR Eats

    5:00 am 8/3/2017

    "All of our food really is designed to be shared," Kismet chef Sara Kramer told THR.Read more

  2. Is It Wrong to Review a Just-Opened Restaurant? A Response to Angry Food Critics

    6:15 am 7/20/2017

    Some of the nation's most influential dining writers object to THR critiquing a new LA hotspot on its fourth night in business. Here, the author of the Vespertine review defends his work — and asks why a decades-old convention can't evolve.Read more

  3. Edible Doom And Gloom: L.A.'s Most Expensive New Restaurant Wants to Depress You for Dinner

    6:30 am 7/17/2017

    Review: There is expensive, abstract, high-concept dining and then there is Vespertine — where a meal can easily run $500 per person and the entire experience is intentionally joyless.Read more

  4. Verlaine Chef Diego Hernandez: "The Idea Is to Work With What the Land Gives Us" | THR Eats

    5:00 am 7/7/2017

    "If you look for the most flavorful food that you can find, you end up finding that it's local, and it's organic, and it's sustainable. Everything is connected."Read more

  5. EMM Group Acquired by 'Billion Dollar Buyer' Host

    2:09 pm 6/13/2017

    CNBC's Tillman J. Fertitta has purchased a 50 percent stake in the hospitality group founded by Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum.Read more

  6. Why New York Foodies Both Love and Hate L.A. Import Sugarfish

    8:30 am 6/6/2017

    The Los Angeles institution finally arrived to harsh reviews and huge lines, a divide that probably says more about city rivalries than raw fish.Read more

  7. What's Behind the Wild Rise of Poké in Los Angeles

    9:00 am 6/5/2017

    The raw fish bowls are saturating the city — and sweeping the country — like the second coming of cold-pressed juice.Read more

  8. Sushi Roku Turns 20: How 3 L.A. Jewish Guys "Sexed Up" Raw Fish

    8:00 am 6/5/2017

    Founders Lee Maen and Philip Cummins reveal how they redefined the genre with a menu that drew stars like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow: "It was packed from day one."Read more

  9. Where L.A.'s Top Sushi Chefs Source That $250 Omakase

    6:00 am 6/2/2017

    A look at the inner workings of International Marine Products, where nearly all of the city's high-end sushi restaurants source their fish.Read more

  10. Nobu's Matsuhisa Turns 30: An Oral History of the Sushi Restaurant Where Tom Cruise Couldn't Get In

    6:00 am 6/2/2017

    The namesake sushi palace, which opened its doors in 1987, has since become a Hollywood mainstay and spawned a global empire that includes hotels. Now, the chef — along with early fan Michael Ovitz, Robert De Niro and other longtime partners — recounts how the legend was born.Read more

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