Richard Donner en 'Superman,' The Inside Story: Director Richard Donner Remembers Meeting Stallone to Play the Lead, Working With Brando, and a Near-Fatal Knife Attack <img src="" /><br/>The famed director reveals how Marlon Brando wanted to play Jor-El as a "bagel," fights with his producer and how he discovered Christopher Reeve for the first-ever big-budget superhero movie.<p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Movies Movies USA THR Online Marlon Brando Richard Donner Fri, 01 Apr 2016 17:45:09 +0000 Stephen Galloway. 879894 at Hollywood's Big Guns: Who's Packing Heat? <img src="" /><br/>Three big-time producers land on the L.A. Sheriff's list of 341 allowed to carry concealed weapons.<p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> The Business Business USA Richard Donner THR Weekly Magazine Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:00:00 +0000 Gary Baum 424675 at Facebook App YEAH Hopes to Lure Eyeballs of Movie Geeks (Video) <img src="" /><br/>The new service offers exclusive supplemental content on a variety of films, including "Superman," "Halloween" and "Reservoir Dogs."<p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Tech Movies Tech USA THR Online Donald Pleasence John Carpenter Michael Madsen Richard Donner Sat, 05 May 2012 00:12:37 +0000 Todd Gilchrist 320478 at