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'Last Samurai' Legal Dispute Becomes Battle Over Which Side Is Forging Evidence (Analysis)

The plaintiffs have been pushing to reopen discovery in the case.

Warner Bros. says that the plaintiffs haven't taken "any diligent steps to authenticate" the documents and that by declaring to the court that the documents are genuine in an effort to reopen discovery, they haven't satisfied their burdens. 

Instead, Warners has made its own investigations, and in the motion for terminating sanctions filed on Wednesday, declares that it "can forensically demonstrate they are fake."

The studio points to erroneous time stamps on e-mails, discusses Zwick's handwriting in an effort to show that it was a cut-and-paste job, and calls out subtle printing errors. Warners concludes that the plaintiffs have committed forgery, perjury and deception. Here's an example of what an effort to forensically prove something is fake looks like in the modern age:

Picture 8

And here's a full look at Warner Bros.' motion with the reaction from the plaintiffs on the next page:

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