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  1. Allen Toussaint Dies at 77 After Suffering Heart Attack

    6:21 am PST 11/10/2015
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    The New Orleans musician and composer performed in Madrid on Monday night. READ MORE

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  2. Greg Gold, Director of '(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life' Music Video, Dies at 64

    10:45 am PST 11/08/2015
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    He also was a co-founder, with David Fincher, Steve Golin and Dominic Sena, of Propaganda Films in the 1980s. READ MORE

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  3. Gunnar Hansen, Killer of 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre,' Dies at 68

    9:20 am PST 11/08/2015
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    The actor starred in the original 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre.' READ MORE

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  4. Batmobile Creator George Barris Dies at 89

    1:49 pm PST 11/05/2015
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    "Sorry to have to post that my father, legendary kustom car king George Barris, has moved to the bigger garage in the sky," Brett Barris wrote. READ MORE

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  5. Gregg Palmer, Bad Guy in John Wayne’s 'Big Jake,' Dies at 88

    10:25 am PST 11/05/2015
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    The burly actor appeared in six films alongside the Duke and guest-starred a whopping 21 times on 'Gunsmoke.' READ MORE

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  6. Melissa Mathison, 'E.T.' Screenwriter, Dies at 65

    3:53 pm PST 11/04/2015
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    She scored a best screenplay Oscar nomination for 'E.T.' in 1983, the year she wed Harrison Ford. READ MORE

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  7. Charles Herbert, Kid Actor in 'The Fly' and '13 Ghosts,' Dies at 66

    10:48 am PST 11/04/2015
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    He also appeared in 'Houseboat' and 'Please Don't Eat the Daisies' but was done with show business by the time he was 20. READ MORE

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  8. Colin Welland, Oscar-Winning Writer of 'Chariots of Fire,' Dies at 81

    8:42 am PST 11/03/2015
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    He also won a BAFTA honor for acting in Ken Loach's 'Kes' and suffered from Alzheimer's disease in recent years. READ MORE

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  9. Harvey Zarem, 'Extreme Makeover' Plastic Surgeon, Dies at 83

    2:03 am PST 11/03/2015
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    Zarem was the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at UCLA Medical Center and School of Medicine for 14 years. READ MORE

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  10. Fred Thompson, Former U.S. Senator and Actor, Dies at 73

    3:15 pm PST 11/01/2015
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    The former 'Law & Order' actor died in Nashville after a recurrence of lymphoma. READ MORE

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  11. Howard A. Anderson Jr., 'Star Trek' Visual Effects Artist, Dies at 95

    9:46 am PDT 10/31/2015
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    He received an Oscar nomination for his work on the 1967 war film 'Tobruk.' READ MORE

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  12. Al Molinaro, Star of 'Happy Days,' Dies at 96

    6:50 pm PDT 10/30/2015
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    The actor played Al Delvecchio, the owner of Arnold’s Drive-In, on the ABC sitcom and a spinoff. READ MORE

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  13. Tex Rudloff, Sound Man on 'Taxi Driver' and 'Halloween,' Dies at 89

    2:14 pm PDT 10/29/2015
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    He was an Oscar nominee for 'The Buddy Holly Story.' His son is two-time Academy Award winner Gregg Rudloff, a sound man, too. READ MORE

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  14. John Backe, CBS CEO in the '70s, Dies at 83

    9:06 pm PDT 10/28/2015
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    A former bomber pilot, Backe took CBS back to the top of the primetime rankings before being dramatically ousted from the role by the network's founder William Paley. READ MORE

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  15. Sam Sarpong, Former Tommy Hilfiger Model, Dies at 40

    5:32 pm PDT 10/28/2015
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    The actor and model died of an apparent suicide after jumping off a bridge in Pasadena. READ MORE

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  16. Bob Minkler, Oscar-Winning 'Star Wars' Sound Mixer, Dies at 78

    5:15 pm PDT 10/28/2015
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    His credits also include 'Tron,' 'Easy Rider' and 'The Black Stallion.' READ MORE

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  17. 'Deadwood' Actor Ralph Richeson Dies at 63

    11:37 am PDT 10/28/2015
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    He started out as an extra on the HBO series before producers cast him as Richardson, the haggard Grand Central Hotel cook. READ MORE

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  18. Peter Dougherty, 'Yo! MTV Raps' Co-Creator, Dies at 59

    6:09 am PDT 10/28/2015
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    The well-connected New York native is remembered as one of the creative forces who, along with Ted Demme, helped shape the programming culture of MTV in its heyday. READ MORE

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  19. Oscar-Winning Creator of 'The Brady Bunch' Effect Dies at 88

    1:16 pm PDT 10/27/2015
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    Christopher Chapman pioneered a split-screen technique used in the 1970 show's classic opening title sequence and Norman Jewison's 'The Thomas Crown Affair.' READ MORE

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  20. Charles Rosher Jr., Cinematographer on Robert Altman Films, Dies at 80

    8:23 am PDT 10/27/2015
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    The son of Mary Pickford's favorite director of photography also worked on 'The Baby Maker,' 'The Onion Field' and 'Semi-Tough.' READ MORE

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  21. Jerome Kass, Writer of 'Queen of the Stardust Ballroom,' Dies at 78

    12:33 pm PDT 10/24/2015
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    The husband of writer Delia Ephron, he adapted his teleplay for the Broadway musical 'Ballroom.' READ MORE

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