Ben Lewin, Judi Levine 'The Sessions' TIFF 2012

Director Ben Lewin shares how he came across the story for his new drama about a thirty year old guy in an iron lung that decided he wanted to lose his virginity. When talking about their all-star cast of John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy Ben said, "I would have been prepared to make the film for fifty cents with totally unknown actors and really their involvement has been part of the whole cinderella story aspect of it. Which I never believed in and particularly I never believed in that I could be cinderella."

Video by: R. Laski, P. Teyssier-Verger, J. Laski, C. Smith, J. Kooistra, C. Austin, O. Pratten, S.  Wilson, G. Kilday, M. Lizaso, N. Ali

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