Comic-Con: Slash Geeks Out Over Horror Flicks, SpongeBob

How does one of the coolest, most iconic guitarists in history describe his maiden voyage to Comic-Con?

“It’s manic – and big!” said Slash, who popped by The Hollywood Reporter’s video lounge in downtown San Diego on his day off from touring in promotion of the forthcoming horror film, Nothing Left to Fear, which opens in October. “It’s very surreal, this whole thing.”

The 47-year-old, whose real name is Saul Hudson, also reveals what sets his inner-geek aflame (besides horror movies). “The most embarrassing thing would be the amount of cartoons that I watch, including SpongeBob,” he admitted, laughing.

And for the Con artists who might want to pay tribute to Slash via costume during this convention, one particular piece of flare is crucial. "The key thing is a good leather top hat!" he said. 

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