Declan Quinn 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' Canon Spotlights Cinematography

Cinematographer Declan Quinn shares how they wanted to differentiate the look of the film while shooting in New York and shooting in Pakistan. On shooting on digital over film he added, 'One of the big advantages of digital is you can record for longer periods of time than you can on film. You also get a big high def image on the set which is very close to what you are going to get on the finished product and so it is very satisfying you don't have to wait overnight for a dallies report and go see dailies on a big screen and you get a sense, and I think directors like that a lot."

Video by: R. Laski, P. Teyssier-Verger, J. Laski, C. Smith, J. Kooistra, C. Austin, O. Pratten, S.  Wilson, G. Kilday, G. Mapp

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