Behind the Scenes of THR's 'Homeland' Cover Shoot

A behind the scenes look at our cover shoot of Showtime's crime drama Homeland with Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. We ask Emmy winners Howard and Alex what the secret is to the success of their show and how they found out President Obama is a fan. 

"Carrie has been chucked out of the CIA when she gets a call, because a need emerges in the middle east. She is called back in a sort of rogue role not officially back in to the CIA. And he will find through out the season more than ever now that he is a victim of the war, a victim of the circumstances. He is not his own boss, he is not in control of his own destiny, so Brody lives in a heightened state of anxiety and paranoia" said Damian about what we can expect from the second season. 

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