Kree Harrison 'American Idol'

After her performance of "Stronger" by Faith Hill drew tons of praise from the judges, the 22-year old Nashville-based singer seemed to be a lock for the top 10 -- but America had to wait until the end to see if she made it to the finals. "It was very difficult to be the last girl chosen [and the] last contestant in general," she recalls. Relief came when Ryan Seacrest announced her name. "Whenever Ryan said 'Kree', it was like OK, just breathe for a minute." Harrison says she is excited to go on tour this summer, as well as continue in the competition, where she plans to learn as much as she can from all four judges' critiques. "If it's ever negative, I'm going to listen to every word," she says. "They know exactly what they are talking about." As for judge Nicki Minaj, who dubbed Harrison her "wife": "As soon as the camera gets on her, she knows exactly what she's going to say, and I respect her for that."


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