Matthew Cooke, Bert Marcus 'How to Make Money Selling Drugs' TIFF 2012

Director Matthew Cooke reveals how he came up with the idea for his documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs. Matthew and producer Bert Marcus also let us know how they were able to get celebrities Woody Harrelson, Susan Sarandon and 50 Cent to be part of their film. "I had the pleasure of working with Bert Marcus and Adrian Grenier on Teenage Paparazzo and we all wanted to continue working together, these guys got on board and we made How to Make Money Selling Drugs as a more entertaining youth driven documentary about a subject that might otherwise be not as interesting" added Matthew. 

Video by: R. Laski, P. Teyssier-Verger, J. Laski, C. Smith, J. Kooistra, C. Austin, O. Pratten, S.  Wilson, G. Kilday, G. Mapp

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