Nicolas Winding Refn on Doing 'Something Very Different' for 'Only God Forgives'

Nicolas Winding Refn's last film, Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, was a critical hit about a mysterious driver-for-hire who helps protect a woman living in his building.

But Refn isn't planning to rest on his laurels. His latest film, Only God Forgives, may also star Gosling, but "because of the success of Drive," the director tells THR, "I felt that I needed to do something very, very different with Only God Forgives."

Only God Forgives follows Gosling's character as he tries to avenge his brother's death.

Refn spoke with THR about shooting in chronological order and what he dreams about in his own life.

Only God Forgives opened on July 19 via Radius-TWC.

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