Ruba Nadda, Alexander Siddig 'Inescapable' TIFF 2012

Director Ruba Nadda on why she wanted to make her thriller about a father in search of his daughter and the chaos in the Middle East. Ruba added, "I situated the story in January 2011 because I knew that I could not keep up with the current events. I'm Syrian and I knew that the President wasn't going to fall that easily. You can't utter anything about the President without disappearing and your entire family getting wiped out. I knew that and that's part of the reason why I could just not walk away from this story."

Video by: R. Laski, P. Teyssier-Verger, J. Laski, C. Smith, J. Kooistra, C. Austin, O. Pratten, S.  Wilson, G. Kilday, M. Lizaso, N. Ali

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