Behind the Scenes of THR’s Snoop Lion Cover Shoot Part 1

Behind the scenes of our cover shoot with rapper, songwriter and producer Snoop Lion. Snoop shares his love for finding new talent, running his children’s football league and his transition from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion.

“Majority of the fans love Snoop in general whether it is the Dogg or the Lion and that was the purpose of me documenting it through my movie Reincarnated, so people could understand the reason why it wasn’t just me waking up one morning and me just saying I don’t want to be the Dogg no more I want to be the Lion.  It was about the growth and development of a person of a man and the spirituality of the person that is going to the next level. Through the movie Reincarnated you will be able to see the dynamics of me going to Jamaica as Snoop Dogg and coming out as Snoop Lion” he added.

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