The Dark Knight is headed to the 1970s for his latest animated adventure, the upcoming Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

The film is an original tale, rather than based on a specific comic book storyline, that sees Bruce Wayne face a deadly menace from his past with the help of three former classmates: world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva.

Soul of the Dragon stars David Giuntoli as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Mark Dacascos as Richard Dragon, Kelly Hu as Lady Shiva, Michael Jai White as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger, James Hong as O-Sensei and Josh Keaton as Jeffrey Burr. Batman: The Animated Series' Bruce Timm is executive producing, with Sam Liu, known for Reign of the Supermen and Batman: The Killing Joke, directing and producing. Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge writer Jeremy Adams penned the script. 

The film will be produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment — and is the 42nd project in the ongoing DC Universe Movies series.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon, which first came to light in June when GWW reported it was in the works, is due out in early 2021.