If audiences leave Kong: Skull Island already wishing they could make a second visit to the monster-infested locale, they're in luck: A new comic book spinoff will launch next month to reveal the origins of Kong and some of the mysteries of Skull Island itself.

Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, will act as both a sequel and prequel to the new movie, as a team of Monarch agents visit the island to find out more about the giant ape and just why he's so dedicated to defending this particular island. Along the way, the reader will find out about the island's history of war between Kong and the other creatures on the island — and what made him king of all he surveys.

The four-issue series will be written by Red Sonja and Warlord of Mars veteran Arvid Nelson, with art by Malaysian artist Zid. The first issue will be released April 5 in comic book stores and digitally via Legendary Comics, with a free preview available as part of the March Loot Crate, as well as digitally via ComiXology.