We did a stalker storyline that was based on reality. David, Jeffrey and I were having dinner in London, and this woman was there watching us. I went to the bar, and she started asking me a bunch of questions. She was clearly stalking me, but harmless.

I told David and Jeffrey and they got really nervous. I thought it would be funny to wind them up and tell them that I got her number and was going to go out with her. I kept it going for a few days, and they thought I was crazy: "She's going to kill you!"

David and Jeffrey turned that into a woman from the Make-a-Wish Foundation who was stalking me [in season two] whom I slept with. But that was how they would take a seed of an idea and elaborate on it. After it was in the script, I told them I never went out with her. We had a good laugh about it.

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