The stateside tour of British game show Taskmaster turned out to be exceedingly short.

The CW has pulled the series from its Sunday schedule after just a single episode, which drew a very small audience on Aug. 2. Reruns of Supernatural will fill the 9 p.m. Sunday slot for the next few weeks.

Taskmaster, which has run 10 seasons over five years in the U.K., stars comedian Greg Davies, who as Taskmaster assigns simple comedic and bizarre tasks to a group of five regular contestants, usually comics. Series creator Alex Horne acts as Davies' assistant on camera.

The show regularly tops 1 million viewers in the U.K. and won a BAFTA Award for best comedy entertainment program two days before its U.S. debut. Its premiere on The CW, however, drew only 212,000 same day viewers, the smallest audience for a first-run episode of any show on the network in 11 months. (An installment of extreme-sports docuseries Peaking in September 2019 brought in 190,000 people.) Its lead-in, Canadian food competition Fridge Wars, brought in 400,000 viewers with its premiere.

As of Aug. 11, the full season of the show is available on CW Seed, the network's free, ad-supported streaming platform.

Taskmaster is one of more than a dozen acquired series The CW is using to fill its schedule in the summer and fall while holding its regular lineup for early 2021. The network put together the makeshift schedule in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to allow more time for its regular lineup of scripted series — including The Flash, Riverdale and Legacies — to assess how and when to resume filming. 

Aug. 11, 9:40 a.m. Updated with Taskmaster migrating to CW Seed.