Weeks after being pardoned by President Donald Trump, Dinesh D'Souza is unveiling the trailer for his latest movie. Quality Flix opens the conservative's latest documentary film, Death of a Nation, in 1,000 theaters on Aug. 3.

The film likens Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump — saying that the situations they found themselves in as U.S. presidents are very similar, according to the filmmaker.

"Lincoln was elected to unite a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him; went to war against him; assassinated him. Now, their target is Trump,” D’Souza intones at the top of the trailer before announcing the movie is produced by Gerald Molen, the Oscar-winning producer of Schindler's List and Jurassic Park.

D'Souza's first three films, 2016: Obama's America; America: Imagine a World Without Her; and Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, were huge hits as far as documentaries go.

They were also very controversial, and D'Souza's newest effort promises to be doubly so, considering its favorable treatment of Trump comes on the heels of a presidential pardon for the filmmaker, who was on probation for using straw donors to give more to a friend's campaign for U.S. senator than the law allows.

Snippets seen in the two-minute trailer above include actor Pavel Kriz as Adolf Hitler in scenes filmed at Zeppelin Field where Nazi rallies took place eight decades ago, plus reenactments of the Civil War and of slaves being unmercifully beaten.

“Lincoln saved America the first time. It’s now up to us to save it a second time,” he says at the trailer’s end.

"The primary theme of the movie is racism and fascism," D'Souza tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Look at the timeliness of this with the immigration debate, where Trump is being called a 'Nazi,' 'fascist' and 'racist.' This tells me that people don't have a clue, not only about the history of fascism and racism, but where it exists today."