A first glance at Heidi Klum's wolf-like appearance for her annual Halloween bash Tuesday evening had us wondering, Did the Queen of All Hallow's Eve phone it in this year and just wear — gasp — a mask? 

But we should've known better than to question Klum's commitment to the holiday. As documented on her Instagram, the werewolf facade was not a mask, but rather one of the most elaborate makeup jobs we've ever seen, requiring a team of five special effects artists from ProRenFX and an arsenal of prosthetics. 

Michael Stewart/Getty Images

A leathery gray chest piece, wig, ears and a varsity jacket pulled the jock-turned-creature of the night look together, in homage to a character from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video. Once all suited up, Klum and the rest of her minions, a squad of goblins, zombies and and an undead Zac Posen, performed a rendition of the spooky dance before heading into the party, which included guests like Dylan Sprouse and Mike Meyers.

This isn't the first time that seven hours (yep, seven) in the makeup chair has rendered Klum unrecognizable. Four years ago, the model dressed up as an old woman, with wrinkles, crepey skin and sun spots so convincing we thought ourselves in a time warp. In 2015, Klum dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, complete with the unnaturally oversized proportions and massive forehead. We're not sure how she'll continue to top her past looks in 2018, but she's got a year to figure it out. We believe she'll pull through.

Watch her transformation below.