A wooden statue of first lady Melania Trump, located in her hometown in Slovenia, was reportedly set ablaze on July 4th, prompting its removal.

Reuters reported that local police informed Brad Downey, the American artist who originally commissioned the singular sculpture, that the statue was set on fire and that they were investigating.

“I want to know why they did it,” Downey told Reuters. The Berlin-based artist says the purpose behind the statue was to highlight the controversial immigration policy of the Trump administration by spotlighting the fact that Melania Trump was herself an immigrant.

The carved statue, which has little resemblance to the first lady, is located on the outskirts of the village of Sevnica and was erected in July 2019. Downey engaged local folk artist Ales Zupevc to make the statue, which he carved out of the trunk of a linden tree with a chainsaw. 

The attack on Trump's statue comes at a time in the U.S. when statues of Confederate leaders and those with links to slavery are being torn down by anti-racism protestors.