Tom Hanks is playing Elvis Presley manager "Colonel Tom" Parker in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film, and to get a better idea of the infamous character, the actor had dinner with Priscilla Presley. He was in for a surprise.

Hanks on Wednesday dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote his latest film, News of the World, but he also chatted about other topics, such as the upcoming Elvis picture starring Austin Butler in which he plays the late "genius and a scoundrel" Parker.

Hanks explained that he was days away from shooting the film in March when he contracted COVID-19. But he has since recovered and apparently completed his work on the picture, Hanks told Colbert.

"He was both a genius and a scoundrel," Hanks said of Parker, Elvis' only manager. "He was a very disciplined man, but also a guy who you might want to check your wallet to make sure you still have all those fives and 10s." The actual Parker died Jan. 21, 1997, at the age of 87.

Hanks and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, had dinner with their friend Priscilla Presley in the hopes of getting a better take on the man he was playing. Hanks said he was taken aback by her reaction.

"I was expecting to hear stories about the distrust she had for 'Colonel Tom' Parker over these many years. And she said, 'No. He was a wonderful man, and I wish he was alive today. He took really great care of us. He was a scoundrel in his way,'" Hanks said.

In the same interview, Hanks also hinted that he is connected to the upcoming Disney+ reboot of the classic Turner & Hooch, but seemed a little confused as to how it was going to play out.

Watch the interview below.