It was 90 minutes into the Tonys when the show took its first obvious dig at President Trump. Remarking on James Earl Jones receiving a special Tony for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre, host Kevin Spacey quoted a few of Jones' famous lines.

"I am your father," Spacey said in a deep, Jones-esque voice, referencing Jones' memorable turn as the voice of Darth Vader. And, Spacey added, "This is CNN, the most trusted name in fake news."

Indeed, Jones is the voice of CNN's famous on-air slogan, "This is CNN," but the cable network does not refer to itself in promos as "fake news." Instead, that criticism is beloved by Trump, who has branded the network as "fake news" since his first press conference as president-elect.

Spacey continued to go for the sharp digs when he reappeared dressed as Bill Clinton, showing off his impression of the former president.

Spacey's Clinton began by saying, "we've had some surprising winners," before adding, "I'm not even talking about the Tony Awards," likely an allusion to his wife Hillary Clinton's expected win of the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary continued to serve as a punchline as Spacey's Bill Clinton pointed out that Dear Evan Hansen star Ben Platt bumped Hillary off of Time magazine's "Most Influential" list, but he said she still topped the musical star in one area.

"There's no doubt Hillary's better at creating fake email accounts than you," Spacey's Clinton said to Platt before observing, "I'm going to get in trouble when I get home."