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Alan Light

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From ‘Gaga’ to ‘Whitney’: Music Docs Offer an Intimate Look at Icons Beyond the Stage

As Netflix, Amazon and more streamers continue to scoop up content, a flood of new music-focused films on pop stars and industry greats are entering the awards race.

The Decade-Long Journey for Grateful Dead Doc ‘Long Strange Trip’ (Q&A)

Amir Bar-Lev, a lifelong Deadhead, spent 11 years trying to make a film about the iconic rock band.

David Bowie’s Legacy: He “Helped Give Voice to Several Generations of Misfits and Weirdos”

"Bowie's cool never faded; his impact only kept expanding," remembers Alan Light of the envelope-pushing musical genius who bended genders long before Miley and Caitlyn, confronted MTV about race decades ago and orchestrated his exit just as he lived: creatively, quietly, brilliantly.

Taylor Swift Reveals Surprising Industry Reaction to Spotify Decision

"I didn't think that it would be shocking to anyone," the country singer turned pop juggernaut — featured in THR's Rule Breakers 2014 issue — says of her groundbreaking move to not stream '1989' on the world's fastest-growing service

Taylor Swift on Her Famous Friends, Personal Songwriting and Hurdle of Going Pop

Says Billboard's Woman of the Year: "Do I get offended when people don't fully understand how much of the workload is done by me? No, they're busy with their own lives"

1984 Was the Best Year in Pop Music Ever

Did Michael Jackson, Prince or Madonna have the best single 30 years ago?

Sting Reflects on Life at 63, His Own Mortality and a “Possible Third Act”

"What is it like to be an artist at 63, to go from here to the end, that mortality that's constantly moving toward you?" says the famed Police frontman, whose Broadway musical 'The Last Ship' is in previews

The Enduring (and Unexpected) Legacy of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

In a guest post, the author of the just-released book "The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of 'Hallelujah'" sheds light on the song's any occasion, multipurpose timelessness.