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Allan MacDonell

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Oscars 2015: Best & Worst Political Moments

Politics and serious art have played hand in hand since Aristophanes was writing caustic socially conscious blockbusters for Athenian society. More recently, the Oscar presentations have historically been an irresistible stage for presenters and winners who have a political point to make. And the 87th Academy Awards is as politically charged as any since 2003—when […]

Oscars 2015 Speeches: The Winners of the Winners

Everyone nominated for any Oscar is a winner by any definition of the word, but the Academy Awards are undeniably a competition. And the contest doesn’t stop at who wins the gold and who heads to the Governor’s Ball trying to find something to do with their empty hands. In fact, when a winner steps […]

Spirit Awards 2015: 5 Best Quotes

Shooting from the hip never gets hipper than this.

Oscars: When Politics Takes the Podium at the Academy Awards

Because not everybody believes that controversy is a dirty word.

Oscars Speeches: Top 10 That Were Super Gracious (Video)

Academy Award royalty knows that no one likes a sore winner.

Oscars Speeches: 10 Over-the-Top Academy Awards Speeches (Video)

An Academy Award win can make people say and do crazy things.