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Emmys: Reese vs. Nicole and 16 More of Peak TV’s Co-Star Competitions

From 'Saturday Night Live' to 'Big Little Lies,' this year's acting nominations include an unusually large number of high-profile rivalries with stars from the same series pitted against one another.

‘Bright Lights’ Director on Capturing ‘Intoxicating’ Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds on Film

The filmmakers behind six documentary series and seven documentary specials divulge the genesis of their projects and the most surprising things they learned along the way.

‘One Day at a Time’ Star Rita Moreno on Avoiding Caricature With Her “Inappropriate” Character

"Sometimes a director tells me to bring Lydia down a notch," says the 85-year-old star of her meddling Cuban abuela on Netflix's reboot.

Emmys: Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz’s Scene-Stealing Moments as Supporting Stars

Andrea Martin, Michelle Pfeiffer and Samira Wiley also are among those garnering buzz in the comedy, drama and limited series races.

Oscars: ‘Arrival’ Producer Compares Amy Adams to Michael Jordan, Touts the Film’s Timely Political Message

"We're happy the movie speaks to this moment with an advocacy that is more important than ever before," says Shawn Levy, who talked to THR about bringing director Denis Villeneuve's esoteric ideas about organic-looking spaceships and banyan tree-esque aliens to life.

Oscars: How Makeup and Hairstyling Contenders Gave an Actor a “Grumpy Old Man” Makeover, Brought an Alien to Life and Re-Created the Joker

First-time nominees battle with a previous winner and, for the Swedish film 'A Man Called Ove,' Eva Von Bahr and Love Larson earned their second straight Oscar nom.

‘Game of Thrones’ Casting Director Shares Her Most Memorable Hollywood Discoveries

Nina Gold — who is being honored with the Hoyt Bowers Award at the CSA Artios Awards — discusses landing Daisy Ridley and John Boyega their breakout roles in 'The Force Awakens' and why 'The Crown' was her toughest project to cast: "I didn't want to get it wrong."

Oscars: How ‘Rogue One’ Costume Designers Created the Storm and Death Troopers’ Full-Body Armor

That's just one of the secrets revealed as six wardrobe wizards who worked on the 'Star Wars' spinoff,' 'La La Land' and more turned around complete looks from scratch.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Had an “Out-of-Body” Experience Playing Texas Bad-Ass in ‘Nocturnal Animals’

"It was a disturbing role that I didn't want to bring into the household," the British-born father of four admits.

‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ Star Kate Beckinsale Reflects on Her Versatile Film Career (Q&A)

The British actress, whose vampire action sequel hits theaters Jan. 6, has swiftly transitioned from starring in plays to foreign-language movies to period pieces. Says Beckinsale, "Life is long and, hopefully, as an actor life is long."

Oscars: Why ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Gave Its Costume Designer More “Latitude” Than the ‘Harry Potter’ Films

Colleen Atwood and two other Oscar-pedigree wardrobe pros — Sharen Davis ('Fences') and Arianne Phillips ('Nocturnal Animals') — tackled fantasy, period and contemporary characters in some of this year’s most lauded films.

Emmys: Rami Malek, Thomas Middleditch, 12 More Actors Reveal Their Favorite Scenes (Face Plant? Bring It On!)

Plus, their favorite lines of dialogue and favorite episodes as TV’s top actors open up about their nominated work.