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What to Expect at Oprah’s Big Surprise Show

Two final star-studded episodes of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" will be taped at Chicago United Center Tuesday night.

Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal in Jewelry Theft Case

"Though many advised her to follow the safe route by taking 'the deal,' the truth is, Ms. Lohan is innocent," her attorney tells THR.

Betty Garrett, Actress in Film, TV, Broadway, Dies

She starred in two MGM musicals with Frank Sinatra before her career was hampered by the Hollywood blacklist and later appeared in "All in the Family" and "Laverne and Shirley."

Jim Morrison Gets Posthumous Pardon in Indecent Exposure Case

Florida's Clemency Board, egged on by departing Gov. Charlie Crist, pardoned The Doors' long-dead singer Thursday.

Rapper Gucci Mane Arrested in Atlanta

Pepper-spray used to subdue rapper following assault.

The Red Eagle–Film Review

Visual wizard and fantastical yarn-spinner Wisit Sasanatieng seems to be flying with clipped wings in directing "The Red Eagle," the anticipated remake-cum-homage to the 1960 Thai superhero action series "Isee Daeng."

Floating Lives–Film Review

An elegiac, lyrical tale of a nomadic Vietnamese family whose lives are changed when they take in a prostitute, "Floating Lives" is a model of solid, old-fashioned filmmaking.

Love Crime — Film Review

Alain Corneau's thriller "Love Crime" explores the dangers of mixing business with pleasure.

X Japan — Concert Review

With more than 30 million records sold, the impact of X Japan in its native country often is referred to as Beatlesque.

Jim — Film Review

Alternating between three distinct time frames in its interweaving of its depictions of its title character's existential despair and a futuristic society populated by human clones, Jeremy Morris-Burke's debut feature takes on far more than it can comfortably handle.

Robot — Film Review

Rajnikanth is such a badass that Chuck Norris is afraid of him. So goes the Internet lore of a 60-year-old South Indian screen icon so potent that fans build temples to him, women swoon and men just shrug and give up.

Max Schmeling — Film Review

"Max Schmeling" turns out to be a run-of-the-mill biography without the outrageous quirks, shoddy storytelling and cliche-laden plots that have made the prolific filmmaker a regular at the Razzies.