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April Salud

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Bill Hader, Reggie Watts and Others Share Support for David Lynch Foundation

At the annual Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles, stars explain why they turned to transcendental meditation and their admiration for the director spreading awareness through his foundation.

Selena Gomez Talks Health, Love and Justin Bieber at Billboard Women in Music 2017

The "Woman of the Year" honoree opened up about her big year.

Kelly Clarkson Urges Fans to “Stand for Something” at Billboard’s Women in Music 2017

"I feel like for me, personally, it's important to be involved, and it's important to show my fans to be involved."

‘The Big Sick’ Writer Emily V. Gordon: “You Can’t Be Precious With Your Own History”

"Taking this actual real-life event that touched you and was very important to you and creating a story from it is always a challenge," the writer said about turning her own story into a movie on THR's Writer Roundtable.

Darren Aronofsky on ‘mother!’: “We Knew It Was Always Going to Be an Assault of the Senses”

"If you read any paper of record and you actually look past the headlines, what happens in any A section of a newspaper is a lot more messed than anything that's in my movie," the writer-director said of his divisive film during THR's Writer Roundtable.

Aaron Sorkin Says ‘Molly’s Game’ Is No Documentary: “It’s Still a Painting, Not a Photograph”

"Life doesn't play itself out, as a series of scenes that form a perfect narrative," the writer said about adapting 'Molly's Game' on THR's Writer Roundtable.

Jordan Peele Says ‘Get Out’ Was “Meant to Be a More Direct, Brutal Wake-Up Call”

"The power of story is that it is one of the few ways we can really feel empathy and encourage empathy," the writer-director said about his film on THR's Writer Roundtable.

Shepard Fairey on ‘Obey Giant’ Doc, Progress and His Iconic Obama “Hope” Poster

The artist discusses 'Obey Giant,' the new documentary by James Moll about Fairey's artwork and activism.

Mireille Enos Talks Working With Sam Shepard on His Final Movie

The actress calls her 'Never Here' co-star "wildly intelligent" and a "really easy guy."

Francesca Eastwood Talks Joining ‘M.F.A.’ Because of Its “Flawless” Script

"I was hungry for going on a journey with a character and playing a character that gets to go through a transformation," the actress explains.

How ‘The Walking Dead’ ‘Robot Chicken’ Special Came to Life

"Zombies in general have become kind of a joke trope," says director Tom Sheppard.