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Ashley Lan

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New Technology Makes Home Theaters More Immersive Than Ever

This story was created in paid partnership with LG CineBeam The 79th Venice International Film Festival brings together aficionados from all over the world to recognize actors, directors, writers and achievements in filmmaking. One of the first stops during awards season, it aims to promote international cinema while fostering a better understanding of the history […]

How ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’ Came to Life

This story was created in paid partnership with FX. The FX for Hulu limited series Under the Banner of Heaven is inspired by the true-crime best-seller of the same name by Jon Krakauer that tells the story of a graphic murder that rattled a quiet, insular Mormon community in 1980s Utah — unburying truths about the […]

Discover How Data Is Powering Hollywood’s Next Generation

This story was created in paid partnership with Seagate From blockbuster films to TV streaming series, digital media — and the data storage necessary to support it — plays a more integral role in entertainment than ever before. Over the past few decades, film as a medium has gone increasingly digital. The days of shooting on celluloid […]