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Ben Weiss

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‘The Irishman’ and Why Netflix Shouldn’t Give In to Theaters’ Demands (Guest Column)

The massive cost of putting 'The? Irishman' on 3,000? screens is money the streamer can spend producing more movies for its growing audience.

Why Netflix May Build the World’s Most Valuable Movie Business (Guest Column)

Slowly, but relentlessly, Netflix is building what may become the world’s largest, and most valuable, movie business. With a business model untethered from opening weekend box office and high variable P&A spend, the streamer has established the foundation necessary to revolutionize the model of creating and distributing original feature films.

Why Apple and Netflix Would Make a Perfect Marriage (Guest Column)

The first trillion-dollar company? There's sound business sense behind the tech giant swinging for the fences and buying the streaming platform.

How Disney Can Beat Netflix: Stream Movies the Day They’re in Theaters (Guest Column)

Nothing would be more effective at growing a subscription business than offering Pixar and Disney films on opening night.

Sure, Netflix Spends Big, But Critics Ignore the Bigger Picture (Guest Column)

As CEO Reed Hastings hits 104 million global subscribers and 91 Emmy noms, a top analyst defends the $7 billion annual investment in A-list content: "It will pay dividends for years."