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Bilal Mian

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New ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Showrunner on Bringing the “Fun” Back With More Procedural Season 3

"We're going to find there's much more pleasing character development and 100 percent of the fun is back," Clifton Campbell tells THR.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 3 Cheat Sheet: Who’s Alive, Dead and New

There are a lot of changes coming to the Tim Mison-Nicole Beharie drama, both behind the scenes and on screen.

How Does CBS’ ‘Limitless’ Compare to the Bradley Cooper Feature?

"We accept everything that happened in the movie. There's nothing that we're saying, 'That's not how it works,' " executive producer Craig Sweeny tells THR of the freshman drama.

‘Dark Matter’ Boss on the Finale and Season 2: “The Past Comes Back to Haunt”

“In much of the first season the characters were reactive, on their heels, whereas in season two they become proactive,” showrunner Joseph Mallozzi tells THR.

‘Wayward Pines’ Boss on the Finale’s Major Deaths and a Possible Season 2

"The power and control became more important than human life. So he really did lose his way," showrunner Chad Hodge tells THR about Pilcher's descent.

‘Penny Dreadful’ Creator Talks Vanessa’s Major Finale Decision and Character Departures

"The end of this season was so liberating to me as a writer because it really scorches the Earth,” showrunner John Logan tells THR.

Longtime ‘Stargate’ EP Aims to Bring Back “the Fun Sci-Fi” With ‘Dark Matter’

"I just think it’s fun to really create a space opera in the truest sense of the word," showrunner Joseph Mallozzi tells THR.

‘Wayward Pines’ Boss on the Big Reveal That Sets Up “a New Beginning”

"In a show with as many twists and turns and things that seemingly don’t make sense, I didn’t want to have any manipulation or lies or cheats in the storytelling," showrunner Chad Hodge tells THR.

‘iZombie’s’ Rob Thomas: Liv’s Actions Will Have “Severe Fallout” in Season 2

“Liv will start off season two pretty much estranged from everyone else,” showrunner Rob Thomas tells THR of what's to come following the season one finale.

‘iZombie’s’ Rose McIver Teases Major Reveals in “Harrowing” Season Finale

“It’s the most terrifying thing that could happen to Liv right now,” the actress tells THR about her onscreen brother's new job.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ EP on Simmons’ Fate, Finale’s Secret Warriors Nod

Jeffrey Bell also talks with THR about Ward's new role: "It feels like everything between Ward and SHIELD next year will be very personal."

‘Agents of SHIELD’ EP on Jiaying’s Big Move and the Mystery Behind the Kree Stone

Exec producer Jeffrey Bell tells THR that the season finale is "emotional" with twists, turns and surprises.