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Bill Carter on Garry Shandling’s Legacy: The Late-Night Star Who Never Was

"Without ever actually being a full-time late-night host, Garry Shandling put an artistic stamp on the genre as indelible as the mark left by any of his contemporaries."

Bill Carter on #OscarsSoWhite: Chris Rock Will “Take Shameless Advantage of a Shameful Situation”

With Beyonce's Super Bowl show and Kendrick Lamar's Grammys performance, political statements at major TV events are in vogue. The comedian is now given the biggest opportunity to address the controversy.

Bill Carter: How Jimmy Fallon Crushed Stephen Colbert (and Everyone Else in Late Night)

The inspired silliness of NBC's reigning champ became everything in a genre where YouTube hits (Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Timberlake battling in a lip-sync contest and Adele singing "Hello" accompanied by classroom instruments are among them) are as relevant as ratings.

Bill Carter: The Allure and Danger of Stephen Colbert Being Himself

CBS' new 'Late Show' host is liberated by dropping the conservative blowhard character, but he'll need to mainstream his act and avoid the 'I've seen it' factor to achieve what Letterman did and Conan couldn't.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ to Return to Brooklyn for Week of Shows (Exclusive)

As the late-night competition heats up, Kimmel plans a week of NYC episodes beginning Oct. 19.

Bill Carter: How Jon Stewart Changed Media (and Made Megyn Kelly Cry)

He got 'Crossfire' canceled, told Larry King CNN was "terrible" and relentlessly destroyed Jim Cramer. Now, with his final show airing on Aug. 6, the 'Daily Show' icon leaves behind a blistering comedic legacy … and a gaping satiric void.

‘Late Shift’ Author Bill Carter Pens David Letterman Tribute: Laughs, Legacy and Leno

Writing for THR, the former New York Times writer and author of 'The Late Shift' assesses the complications — and legacy — of the brilliant, gap-toothed comic, who is signing off from 'Late Show' on May 20.

Bill Carter on Jon Stewart’s Next Move: It Won’t Be What You’d Guess

No running for office or joining CNN or taking Brian Williams' job at NBC — the Stewart that friends know will seek a better balance of work and family and, at just 52, he's not nearly done yet.

Bill Carter Pens Tribute to David Carr: “Newspaper Man With Unbridled Enthusiasm”

The New York Times alum writes the late columnist was "as generous a colleague — and friend — as you could ever hope to have."

Bill Carter on Covering ‘SNL’ and Lorne Michaels: “Many Lost Their Minds in Pursuit” of His Approval

Writing for THR, with insight from Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Conan O'Brien, the longtime New York Times writer recounts 40 years of covering the show and its brash producer's bravado, taste and power over his talent.