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Hollywood Flashback: Olivia De Havilland Went to War With Warner Bros. and Won

When the 'Gone With the Wind' actress — who died in Paris on July 26 — refused to appear in films "unsuited to her ability," a lawsuit followed that would soon weaken the studio system.

Hollywood Flashback: Effects Legend Stan Winston Won an Emmy in 1973 for ‘Gargoyles’

The VFX pro, who died in 2008, went on to win another Emmy, for 1974's 'The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,' along with Oscars for his work on 'Aliens,' Terminator 2: Judgment Day' and 'Jurassic Park.'

Hollywood Flashback: Buck Henry Won an Emmy for ‘Get Smart’ in 1967

The 138-episode series was a critical hit and fared well at the Emmys, collecting 14 nominations and seven wins: "He was gifted with a great imagination," says Mel Brooks of the show's co-creator, who died in January at age 89.

Hollywood Flashback: Kirstie Alley Played Gloria Steinem in 1985

The first actress to play the Ms. magazine founder was Alley — and she did it as a Playboy Bunny.

Hollywood Flashback: Sydney Pollack’s 1966 Emmy Win Was His Ticket Into Films

Pollack’s win came from an episode of NBC’s 'Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre,' the last of TV's dramatic anthologies that flourished in the 195

Hollywood Flashback: One in Three TV Sets Tuned In to ‘Shogun’ in 1980

At the time, the miniseries about a British navigator marooned in 17th century Japan gave NBC the highest weekly ratings in the network’s history.

Hollywood Flashback: John Malkovich Nabbed His First Emmy for ‘Death of a Salesman’ in 1985

John Malkovich, who would appear to be a strong contender for a nomination with HBO's 'The New Pope,' received his first Emmy for the 1985 TV movie 'Death of a Salesman,' as best supporting actor.

Hollywood Flashback: ‘Bewitched’ Has Been a Gay Favorite Since 1964

Amid Pride Month, The Hollywood Reporter takes a look back at the sitcom, featuring Dick Sargent, who was in a league with Rock Hudson for living the closeted Hollywood lifestyle, and Paul Lynde, who played gay without explicitly coming out as gay.

Hollywood Flashback: Milton Berle Hosted the First Star Telethon in 1949

NBC broadcast the Runyon Cancer telethon to 12 East Coast cities from noon April 9 until nearly 4 a.m. the next day, with Berle leaving the stage only to change clothes.

Hollywood Flashback: FDR’s Virus Battle Inspired ‘Sunrise at Campobello’ in 1960

'Sunrise at Campobello' tells the story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt contracting polio at 39, 11 years before he became president in 1932 — and gave the president a happy ending.

Hollywood Flashback: Major League Baseball Staged a Crowdless Game in 2015

Five years ago, before the coronavirus outbreak put a halt to professional sports games, the Baltimore Orioles played the Chicago White Sox inside an empty stadium amid rioting in the Maryland city.

Hollywood Flashback: In 2005, Robert Blake Was Found Not Guilty of Murdering His Wife

Robert Blake, who was the prime suspect in Bonny Lee Bakley's murder investigation, later lost a civil suit in which he was orderd to pay Bakley's children $30 million (reduced to $15 million) for "intentionally causing" her death.