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Bill Maher

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Bill Maher: “Unlike Lion Killers, PETA Only Goes After Fair Game” (Guest Column)

"PETA constituents are not fat cats but pigs, cows, orcas, mice and any other animal in trouble," says the 'Real Time' host who is a long-time board member of 35-year-old animal rights organization.

HBO’s Bill Maher Imagines Rupert Murdoch as New Boss (Guest Column)

Maher writes for THR: "There's a terrible price to pay for this. (I mean besides the terrible price I personally will pay when Rupert takes over HBO and my show becomes 'Paste-Eating Time With Steve Doocy.')"

‘New Rules’ for Hollywood

Bill Maher offers a showbiz riff on his weekly talk-show segment.

Bill Maher States His Case for Continued Federal Funding of NPR

The "Real Time" host writes in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, "We've become so accustomed to calling Fox News fair and balanced, that something that actually is fair and balanced seems to be far left."

Love ‘Glee’? You’re Gay! Bill Maher’s New Rules for Emmy

The 26-time nominee has a few small suggestions for Sunday's proceedings.