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Paul W. Downs Teases ‘Broad City’ Final Season: “It Gets Emo”

"It also feels like the right time. We’ve all grown up, and it’s about a very specific time in your twenties in New York, so in a way it feels like a perfect graduation to the characters," Downs told The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Mortal Engines’ Star Hera Hilmar Says Filming Was Like “Being in an Amusement Park”

The film adaptation of Phillip Reeve’s futuristic steampunk novel, 'Mortal Engines' has landed in theaters after several years in development and Icelandic actress Hera Hilmar recounted her process of trying to understand the complexly crafted world.

Harry Lloyd Teases ‘Counterpart’ Season 2: “You Don’t Know Who’s From What Side”

"You don't know who's from what side, or who's loyal to what," Lloyd told The Hollywood Reporter in regard to Starz's 'Counterpart.' "Everyone's either hiding a massive secret or trying to find out something that their life depends on."

‘The Long Dumb Road’ Cast Talk Reinventing the Classic American Road Trip

"It just feels iconic. When you think of a road trip, you think of seeing the cacti, the desert, so it was sort of a no-brainer to set the movie in that landscape,” Hannah Fidell told The Hollywood Reporter.

Sara Paxton on “Compassionate” Portrayal of Donna Rice in ‘The Front Runner’

Sara Paxton transported back to her birth year in order to chronicle American Senator Gary Hart’s 1988 derailed presidential campaign in her latest film, 'The Front Runner.'

Reid Scott Previews “Satisfying” Final Season of ‘Veep’

Actor Reid Scott previews the "satisfying" final season of the HBO comedy 'Veep.'

Aubrey Plaza, Craig Robinson on ‘Evening With Beverly Luff Linn’: “A Love Story With Insane Characters”

"I think what I loved about it was that really at its core it was just a love story with insane characters," Aubrey Plaza told The Hollywood Reporter.

’22 July’ Stars on Film’s Cautionary Tale Against the Rise of Extremism

"This is happening in a time where far-right extremism is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere. Even if he was a lone wolf, they often come from a herd, and there are many people out there who share these ideas," Danielsen Lie said.

Michael Ironside Talks ‘Knuckleball’ and Why He Won’t Be in ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

Michael Ironside isn’t a huge fan of the slasher genre, but the actor stepped into a maelstrom of terror for his latest role in 'Knuckleball.'

Shangela Was Handpicked by Lady Gaga for ‘A Star Is Born’ Role

'RuPaul's Drag Race' alum Shangela opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her new role in Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's film 'A Star Is Born,' revealing that she was handpicked by the "Born This Way" singer.

‘The Old Man & the Gun’ Director Thinks Robert Redford Might Have Another Film Left in Him

"[I'd like to] keep that trend going because I think this movie is only like 90 minutes. We could use a couple more hours of [Redford and Spacek] in our lives," Lowery told The Hollywood Reporter.

Leslie Grossman Never Expected Ryan Murphy to Hire Her for ‘American Horror Story’

Leslie Grossman has landed herself in a prestigious group of recurring actors, including Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as she prepares for the apocalypse in her second appearance on Ryan Murphy’s Emmy award-winning anthology series, 'American Horror Story.'