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“No Studio Would Touch It:” The Big Gamble Behind ‘Kick-Ass’

Director Matthew Vaughn bet everything he had on 'Kick-Ass,' a violent, R-rated movie based on a comic book that nobody had heard of, because it hadn't even been completed yet.

Oscar-Nominated ‘Joker’ Composer Represents a Female “Milestone” in Music

Hildur Gudnadóttir has already made history with a Golden?Globe victory. Ahead of the Academy Awards, the Icelandic composer reflects on a sequel, "bad" media clickbait and her star-making year.

DreamWorks “Screwed Up”: Why Cult Classic ‘Galaxy Quest’ Wasn’t a Bigger Hit

Twenty years after 'Galaxy Quest' hit theaters, director Dean Parisot and stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Justin Long look back at capturing lightning in a bottle, and reveal the apology Jeffrey Katzenberg issued over the film's bungled marketing campaign.

How ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Composer Created a 1960s-Infused Score

Composer Marco? Beltrami and longtime collaborator Buck ?Sanders re-teamed with James Mangold for 'Ford v Ferrari' and recorded a 15-piece ensemble that combined 1960s rock and jazz.

‘Terminator’ Composer on the ‘Dark Fate’ Moment Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoed

'Terminator: Dark Fate' composer Junkie XL recalls the nostalgic take the actor felt rang false and weighs in on paying tribute to the past while infusing it with something new.

‘Joker’ Actor Brett Cullen on Thomas Wayne’s Secret

'Joker' actor Brett Cullon shares his thoughts on the Thomas Wayne twist and reveals the scene that was rewritten to be more comedic.

‘Ozark’ Boss Shares Writers-Room Secrets and Season 3 Details

'Ozark' boss shares thoughts on Emmy nominations, writers-room secrets and season 3 details.

How ‘Chernobyl’ Composer Found Inspiration in a Real (and Radioactive) Power Plant

Composer Hildur Gudnadóttir found inspiration in a real power plant for her haunting score for HBO's 'Chernobyl.'

The Battle to Make Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’

Thirty years after Tim Burton's 'Batman,' some of the key players are recalling the long fight to bring The Dark Knight to the big screen.

Top TV Directors on ‘Veep,’ GLOW’ and More Reveal Secrets to Juggling Multiple Shows

The directors behind 'Castle Rock,' 'The Twilight Zone' and 'Modern Family' discuss hopping from project to project.

On the Set of ‘Black Monday’ as Don Cheadle and Cast Stage a Zany Wedding

The Hollywood Reporter goes inside the penultimate episode of Showtime's Wall Street period comedy 'Black Comedy.'

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Composer on Finding a Poignant Ending for the Journey

'Avengers: Endgame' composer Alan Silvestri looks back at almost a decade of working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why he hopes the audience tears up.