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Carson Griffith

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Celebrity Photog Harry Benson on Donald Trump: “He’s Good for Our Business”

At a screening of his new doc, celebrity photographer Harry Benson recalled a photoshoot where Donald Trump posed with $1 million in cash.

Hollywood’s Battles for the Best Bar Mitzvah: $5M Budgets, Justin Bieber and Camels

For some, it's 13 going on $5 million for the Jewish rite of passage as industry families "outdo one another … and the Grammys and the Emmys."

Grace Coddington Talks Who Should Play Her In the Movie Adaptation of Her Life

The fashion legend tossed around the names of a few English actresses (none of which are redheads) at the signing of her latest book on Monday evening.

Kanye West Kind of Apologizes for Yeezy Season 4

The singer unloaded while performing for the fashion crowd at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party on Friday night.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Talk Fashion Inspiration at NYFW Pop-Up Shop

Kendall + Kylie hit New York Fashion Week.

13 East Coast Camps Where Hollywood Stars Spent Their Summers

Is your kid just back for the summer? Maybe he or she will end up like top industry types, from director Darren ?Aronofsky to Viacom's Doug Herzog, who attribute their success to skills gleaned from those weeks of hiking, archery and even future networking.

Cocoa-Sniffing, Moon Dust Smoothies and More Weird Music-Star Health Trends

Would you apply bee venom to the skin for anti-aging? Because Kanye, Kim and Gwyneth did.

Want a Booty Like Nicki Minaj? Here’s How to Get the Perfect Butt Crease

Here are the three steps for a toned cuff, courtesy of celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer.

The Massage Therapist Kanye West, Katy Perry and More Pay to Bite (Yes, Bite) Them

Meet Dorothy Stein, who's taken a bite out of everyone from David Bowie to Simon Cowell.

Hollywood Power Feuds: Don’t Seat These A-Listers Near Each Other

From Ted Sarandos and Ryan Kavanaugh to Harvey Weinstein and his many enemies, Hollywood party planners give THR some tips on how to arrange a sit-down dinner without starting a food fight.

The Whitney Museum’s Studio Party Draws Leandra Medine, Emily Weiss

Fashion insiders and art enthusiasts alike flocked to the Whitney Museum of American Art's annual Gala on Tuesday night.

Game Face: Hollywood’s New Social Media Nightmare (Just Ask Sad Affleck)

Stars' stray expressions of scorn, disgust, disbelief and shame caught on camera are providing the ultimate "gotcha" entertainment — and PR nightmares.