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Chantel Tattoli

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New Book Offers Historical Look at Native Americans in Stand-Up Comedy

Author Kliph Nesteroff discusses his book, 'We Had a Little Real Estate Problem,' which centers on visibility in the comedy world, along with efforts in the silent era to fight stereotypes and the two upcoming sitcoms that are part of a new wave of representation. 

Where Hollywood Offloads Their Stuff After Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

The Way We Wore, Julien’s Auctions, Decades, Recess, Resurrection and The Room by The Colleagues are some popular places where Angelenos send their (still-good) stuff after following Marie Kondo's advice in Los Angeles.

$150K for a Pet Octopus?! Why Stars’ Spending Can Spin So Out of Control

Stars' spending can spin out of control, with top L.A. psychologists arguing that splurging is 'motivated by wanting love.'

Hollywood’s 6 Hottest New Accessory Designers

A look at six rising designers of red carpet accessories, from Claire Foy's diamond ring to Lupita Nyong'o's crystal bag.

Tree Frog Poison and Other New Ways Hollywood Is Self-Medicating

Therapists and psychiatrists dissect the hot ’scripts (the other kind) easily accessed by stars and insiders, plus the pharmacy end runs and "weed for work woes."

From Eddie Murphy to Amy Schumer: How Clothes Make the Stand-Up Comic

Before a single punchline, sartorial choices can telegraph a vibe (and invoke an icon), whether it's a leather suit or leopard dress.

The Psychology of Aging Moguls: “Categorically Dangerous,” Says Expert

A Yale biological anthropologist explains how fathering kids late in life, putting your name on a building and oversized power displays (Trump?) are all modes of "scent-marking" that come with moguls getting on in years.

Comedians’ Holograms to Headline National Museum of Comedy

Comedy historian and museum curator Kliph Nesteroff on why most old comics aren’t funny, the museum’s adults-only comedy Blue Room and the holograms.

George Carlin Belongings Head to National Comedy Center

"He kept everything," says daughter Kelly Carlin. "There are these folders where he lists every single appearance on a late-night show — who was hosting, what bit he did — and sometimes he paper-clipped a set list to it."

What It Looks Like When Baz Luhrmann Helps Design a Miami Hotel

Argentine hotelier Alan Faena — a "Jay Gatsby but with the fashion sense of Tony Montana" — is building a $1 billion Miami Beach arts district. Its crown jewel, Faena Hotel, financed by Len Blavatnik and designed with an assist from Oscar-nominated Luhrmann and his wife, opens just in time for Art Basel.

St. Tropez’s Blonde of the Summer Is a Beer, Not Bardot

The French Riviera village now has its own beer, Blonde of Saint-Tropez — and no, it's not a reference to sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, according to the brew's owner Sarah Redding.

Moet & Chandon to Open Pop-Up Restaurant in France

The luxury winery, which has been featured in "Midnight in Paris" and "The Great Gatsby," is giving champagne a lead role with its new dining space Le&.