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Chris E. Hayner

‘Twin Peaks’: Is Becky Burnett the New Laura Palmer?

The introduction of Shelly Johson's daughter on 'Twin Peaks: The Return' is a haunting reminder of the tragedy of Laura Palmer.

‘Twin Peaks’: A Dead Character Resurfaces

Is it possible Major Garland Briggs didn't die in season two of 'Twin Peaks'? That's a question episode five of the revival asks.

Jim Carrey’s Influence Looms Large on Showtime’s ‘I’m Dying Up Here’

"He was integral to making the show because he lived that time and he tells the stories of that time," star Erik Griffin says of the comedy veteran, who serves as an exec producer on the series.

Jim Carrey and ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ Cast Celebrate the Golden Age of Stand-Up Comedy

"I wanted people to see the comedy world as it was and the extraordinary experience I was lucky enough to have," Jim Carrey, who serves as an exec producer, says of the Showtime original.

‘Westworld’ Cast and Creators Celebrate Powerful Female Heroes at FYC Emmy Event

"It's so rare you find a show like this," star Evan Rachel Wood says of her experience on the series.

‘Twin Peaks’ Paves the Way for a Cooper vs. Cooper Showdown

Could the arrival of Dougie on "'Twin Peaks' point to how the revival will end?

‘Twin Peaks’: A Deep Dive Into William Hastings

While the majority of the 'Twin Peaks' revival centers around Kyle MacLachlan's Dale Cooper, William Hastings (Matthew Lillard) is already a fascinating new addition.

‘Twin Peaks’: Could Audrey Horne Be the Anonymous Billionaire?

Which 'Twin Peaks' character is responsible for the connection to the Black Lodge in New York City? There's one very likely suspect.

‘Twin Peaks’: How the Revival Is Handling the Absence of Killer BOB

After the death of actor Frank Silva in 1995, 'Twin Peaks' has yet to recast the role of Killer BOB in the revival — though it remains a possibility.

Here’s the Premise of the New ‘Twin Peaks’

After nearly 27 years, 'Twin Peaks' fans now finally now what happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper in the Black Lodge. But what happens next?

‘Twin Peaks’ Cast and Co-Creator on Reuniting With David Lynch for Revival

"It was like magic. He's so passionate and focused. It was life-changing," David Dastmalchian says of joining 'Twin Peaks' and working with Lynch.

‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere: Cast Revisits Their Favorite Moments From Original Series

The 'Twin Peaks' revival premiere was filled with friends, family and damn good coffee. The memories of the original series highlighted the night, though.