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Christy Grosz

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Inside Aaron Sorkin’s Writing Process

"The difference between Page 2 and Page Nothing is the difference between life and death," says the "Social Network" scribe.

What They’ve Done

Some of the Hollywood insiders who've made Haiti their passion.

Anatomy of a Contender: ‘The Social Network’

David Fincher, Aaron Sorkin and Scott Rudin share how their movie got made — and why every last second mattered.

Anatomy of a Contender: Making of Black Swan

How Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan avoided death when the company planning to fund it decided to back out is a tale with nearly as much drama as the Tchaikovsky ballet that gives the film its title.

Female Star of the Year: Anne Hathaway

Breaking out of youth-oriented roles in favor of more adult parts is a tough transition for any emerging actress hoping to build a sustainable career.

Number signs

A look at how the industry's two major academies compare -- Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vs. Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The ‘King of Queens’: Kevin James

Stand-up comic James became a primetime star. He reflects on the show's epic primetime run and bids farewell to his nine-year alter ego.