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Dana Kennedy

The Other Side of Cannes: Muslim Community Fights Prejudice as Jihadi Cell Linked to City

Six hundred meters from the Croisette lies a community of French Muslims who remained largely invisible until their mosque briefly became the unwitting base for one of the most dangerous terrorist cells in French history: Festivalgoers "have no idea of what's really going on here."

Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle: Monaco Ruling Allows Actress to Spend Two Weeks With Kids

With her ex petitioning for "sole parental authority" and another hearing scheduled for Nov. 26, the 'Gossip Girl' star's actions are "making it a lot harder for her to get her kids back," says a source close to the six-year dispute.

Kelly Rutherford’s Custody Battle: “I’m Afraid I Might Never See My Children Again”

THR uncovers new allegations visa fraud and tax evasion against the actress' ex, Daniel Giersch, as an October trial in Monaco may rule on his application for sole custody of their son and daughter.

Cannes: How a Blind Actor Navigates the Croisette

Melchior Derouet, who starred opposite Natalie Portman in 2006 Un Certain Regard selection ‘Paris je t’aime,’ joins other French actors in the festival scrum to “see and be seen.”

The Dark Side of Monaco, Uncovered: Murder, Tabloid-Ready Royal Marriage, Art-World Sting Among Newest Scandals

Cannes' glitzier neighbor, the tax-haven principality up the coast, is less than 1 square mile but generates more glamor and mayhem, as a reporter from the south of France looks into the stories behind the latest headlines.

The Other Side of Cannes, Exposed: Debauchery, Danger and the Dirty Secrets Aboard the Super-Rich’s Superyachts

Jealous of those out on the sumptuous floating party palaces? "Don't be," says one power publicist, as insiders reveal the entitlement and inappropriate behavior that goes on inside the luxury boats.

Why Young Hollywood Is More Willing to Question Israel’s Policies

Vanessa Redgrave received death threats after denouncing the Israeli government for its treatment of Palestine in 1978, but today American celebrities tweeting about Gaza get little more than sharp retorts.

Cannes: An Heiress Shooting Reveals the Sinister Side of Monaco

In stark contrast to the glitz of "Grace of Monaco," a 77-year-old heiress was shot in broad daylight as locals wonder whether the crime will ever be solved.

Cannes: The Secrets (and Scandal) of Hollywood’s Favorite Riviera Hotel

For 125 years, the Hotel du Cap has played host to scandals, stars, illicit affairs and intrigue. Says Bob Evans: "It was impossibly glamorous."

Leah Remini’s Big Fear: Could Confidential Scientology Files Be Released?

Separated from longtime friends and facing hostility from some, "The King of Queens" actress finds the early days of her life after leaving the religion tricky to navigate.

$40,000-a-Night Escorts: Secrets of the Cannes Call Girls

A businessman -- and Gadhafi associate -- who was convicted in a 2007 prostitution ring bust reveals all the dirty secrets of how models (and even some Hollywood actresses) swarm the hotels and yacht parties during the fest: says one escort, it's "the biggest payday of the year."

Tom Cruise and Scientology’s David Miscavige: ‘Most Intense Bromance in History’

The most powerful Scientologist in the world has the movie star under his thumb. How does Miscavige do it?