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Daniel Carlson

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Lebanon, Pa. — Film Review

"Lebanon, Pa." is a few strong moments of storytelling lost in a sea of indie cliche

Ain’t In It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm — Film Review

Jacob Hatley's documentary is a captivating look at a musician hanging onto his art for dear life, even when he's too weary to perform.

Saturday Night — Film Review

The "SNL" doc does a fantastic job at illustrating the stress, work and long hours devoted to making something that's gone in 90 minutes.

One Night in Vegas — Film Review

Reggie Rock Bythewood's documentary "One Night in Vegas" is a maddening character study that never gets close to its characters.

SXSW film fest faces challenge

Is the SXSW film festival getting too big for its boots? There are worse problems for a fest to have than excessive demand. It means programmers are making strong choices, the venues are attractive…

The Listener — TV Review

"The Listener" is a serviceable supernatural drama with legitimate narrative potential that's undercut by its visually bland presentation and geographically nonspecific execution.

Tosh.0 — TV Review

Comedy Central's "Tosh.0," a weekly clip show devoted to viral videos, plays like a weird hybrid of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "The Soup," but it succeeds on the strength of host Daniel…

Royal Pains — TV Review

"Royal Pains" has plenty of snappy one-liners being delivered by impossibly beautiful people who don't even pretend to hide their willingness to sleep with each other.

Into the Storm — TV Review

HBO Films' "Into the Storm" succeeds on several levels, but chief among them is the performance of Brendan Gleeson as Winston Churchill.

‘Jesse James Is a Dead Man’

Spike's "Jesse James Is a Dead Man" probably is the most boring show ever made about a guy trying to kill himself.


Mike Judge is not a dumb guy. He'd be worthy of acclaim if all he ever did was write and direct "Office Space," but he also created "Beavis and Butt-head" and "King of the Hill," and it's through…

The Goode Family — TV Review

Mike Judge showed in "King of the Hill" that he knows how to skewer stereotypes while rooting his humor in realistic characters and clever insights about modern culture, but sadly his latest animated…