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Daniel Holloway

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Mike Hodge Re-elected SAG New York President

The incumbent USAN faction also captures all of the NY national seats and most of the divisional seats.

L.A. Bar Fetes SAG Staffer

Guild general counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland is honored for being an inspiration to the bar.

NY SAG Faction Gets Social

The challengers in the pro-merger v. pro-merger fight are paying more attention to social media than the long-dominant group - but does it matter?

Roses, O’Brien Cases Prove Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act Has Teeth

Using a combination of persuasion and prosecution, the LA City Attorney’s Office has used the statute to shut down alleged scams and sharp business practices.

SAG Election is Drawing Surprising Battle Lines in New York

Both factions favor merger with AFTRA, but deploy dueling endorsements.

AFTRA in Talks Over Soap Operas Moving to Web

Lower fees if canceled soap operas move to new media are likely to produce mixed feelings among actors.

SAG, AFTRA Surprised by Aging Performers Study

The performers unions question some conclusions of the Columbia University research.

Study: SAG-AFTRA Merger Could Aid Aging Performers

The study, focusing on New York and Los Angeles performing artists, found low incomes and age discrimination, but also a high degree of career satisfaction.

Central Casting Halts Background Performer Photo Fees

In a separate development, a 'Hawaii Five-0' casting director also stops charging fees to background performers seeking work.

Labor, Law Enforcement Crack Down on Central Casting

Two agencies attack the company’s fee practices and warn of possible civil and criminal penalties.

Will the SAG-AFTRA Merger Happen This Time?

Former SAG president Melissa Gilbert reflects on the last merger attempt: "I remember the night the vote came in, turning to my friends and saying, 'Oh boy, are we in trouble now.' "

Plea Deal in L.A. Talent-Scam Case

The defendant had been charged with 16 counts of violations of the 2009 Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act.