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Danielle Turchiano

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‘Aquarius’ Boss Says NBC’s Charles Manson Drama Is “Historical Fiction”

"It’s taking this controversial figure and saying, 'What if?' That’s what the exercise of 'Aquarius' is," John McNamara tells THR.

‘Wayward Pines’ Boss on Breaking the Rules With Fox’s Twisty Mystery Thriller (Q&A)

"The whole thing isn't about, 'What is Wayward Pines?' " The showrunner tells THR.

‘Shameless’ Boss on Ian and Mickey’s Heartbreak, Future; Debbie and Fiona’s Decisions

Showrunner John Wells talks with THR about bringing Dermot Mulroney back for season six and exploring what stability means for the Gallaghers.

Peter Horton Wants Viewers to Question Democracy With NBC’s ‘American Odyssey’

The writer-director says new conspiracy drama is out to ask "Where does the power lie today?"

‘Cougar Town’ Postmortem: Bill Lawrence on Saying Goodbye to the Cul-de-Sac Crew

"It's not like 'Friends.' There's no end to 'Cougar Town,' where it's time for people to grow up and get new jobs and have babies," Lawrence tells THR.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Boss on Why She Didn’t Want to Do a Traditional Coming Out Story

The showrunner tells THR why introducing a gay Asian character speaks right to "the kind of comedy we do on the show and the kind of feeling we always said we wanted."

Darren Star: ‘Younger’ Tackles Today’s Youth Culture

The showrunner previews his new female-driven multi-generational comedy

Constance Wu: ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Will Tip Its Hat to ‘All-American Girl’

The actress talks with THR about the show's impact and why TV's big diversity push is just the beginning: "People are embracing the thing that made them different growing up instead of letting that thing elicit shame."

‘The Following’s’ Michael Ealy on Being the “Best” Serial Killer: Theo “Doesn’t Make Mistakes”

"If Theo never met Ryan Hardy or any FBI agents he would be killing the rest of his life in perfect peace, like some great painter," the actor tells THR.

‘Mindy Project’ Finale: Mindy Kaling on That “Risky” Cliffhanger, Potential Season 4

"I refuse to create under the assumption of failure," Mindy Kaling tells THR of her show's uncertain future.

‘Empire’: The Best Quotes From Season 1

THR selects the greatest quotes from every season one episode of Fox's breakout drama.

‘Empire’ Cast Reveals Dream Guest Stars for Season 2

Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington and Beyonce lead the list.