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Delbert Whetter

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Guest Column: How the Use of Open Captions Can Enhance Creativity, Not Just Accessibility

A year ago, amid CODA’s groundbreaking run on the awards circuit, writer/director Sian Heder frequently expressed her hopes that the film’s success could be one of the “rocks that starts the avalanche” of the wealth of talent that exists within the Deaf community, heralding a new wave of deaf talent in Hollywood not only in […]

“Who Can Tell Whose Stories?” Is the Wrong Question Hollywood Should Be Asking (Guest Column)

Deaf filmmaker Delbert Whetter details why the entertainment industry is looking at inclusion the wrong way.

Hollywood Calls for Inclusion Should Not Overlook People With Disabilities (Guest Column)

Advocate and film executive Delbert Whetter, who has profound hearing loss, argues that people with disabilities are an "underrepresented group that remains largely undiscussed and unchampioned."